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Xmas shopping - does anyone actually enjoy it? We spend hours trawling through the mall trying to find just the right gift for that special someone. And do we actually find something they like? Invariably not. Fear not, Hobbyworld is here to help! 

While your gift recipient might not be a car lover, or indeed a drone lover - our products are a whole heap of fun - guaranteed! A gift that is fun is as close as one can get to the silver bullet of gifts. Take for example on of our drones. Hours of fun where your creativity directs the flight path of the drone and its inbuilt video camera. Let your inner cinematographer loose as you fly high above your local beach, park or (if your game) neighbours house! And the fun doesn't end simply when the drone returns to the ground - watching the footage with family and friends is by far the best bit!

Our products create an experience. An experience that can be shared with everyone! Take the plunge and grab one of our fantastic toys that are perfect for all ages and go out and enjoy this fabulous kiwi summer! 



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