Drone Week: The (Surprisingly Interesting) History of Drones

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You may be surprised to here that drones are by no means a new invention. While the drones we stock are certainly a testament to the technological frontier of the 21st century, the long history of unmanned aerial vehicles can't be discounting in the process of bringing 'drones' to the consumer level. This tale begins in 19th century Europe.

Way back in 1849, the Austrians used unmanned 'bomb' balloons in an attempt to bomb the city of venice into submission, during the course of a long and notably very bloody war. Between then and now, little has changed in terms of the function of combat drones.  Today, they still perform a similar role to that in 1849 Venice, of attacking and destroying designated targets. The reality is, it is merely the means that has changed - drones today being extremely high tec (controlled from the other side of the world), precise and one of the most important weapons in a modern militaries arsenal. The story of drones isn't quite that simple however. 

It was 20th century technological developments that allowed drones to take on a more sophisticated role of aerial surveillance. This is where our drones, the ones we sell to you, our customers, come in. Our drones are the direct product of the work of the worlds leading militaries in developing drone technology to perform an aerial surveillance role. Drones are no longer simply the top secret weapon of the military, they are now well and truly in the consumer domain also. 

At the consumer level, the function of drones has been significantly adapted. Instead of dropping bombs, they blow bubbles as is in the case of our M61 cage drone. And instead of providing surveillance of the enemy, they now provide surveillance of the neighbours pool party! 

It is the fusion of military tec and the inner child in all of us that has lead to the development of toy drones available on the consumer market today. 

We are proud to be at the forefront of the next chapter in the history of drones - their entrance into the household as toys for everyone to share the thrill of flight. With our drones, you are not simply the pilot - you are the director and cinematographer thanks to the inbuilt camera. Your lounge plays host to the cinematic premiere of your latest flight on the big screen for the whole family to share. 

Hobbyworld is New Zealands leading stockist of entry level drones - highly affordable, robust and most importantly, a whole heap of fun! 

We hope you choose to drone with us and get amongst the madness during Drone Week 2015, here on our online store! 


The Hobbyworld Crew

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